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2nd place

7600 points


Challenge Category Value Time
3 - Play Time Memory Forensics50
2 - General Info Memory Forensics75
OTR 1 - Find The Lutra Forensics100
OTR 6 - The Path To Rick Forensics150
USB Or Not To Be Forensics150
ReCurse Misc150
Birdman's Data Network150
OTR 5 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time Forensics100
Look At Me Network200
6 - Silly Rick Memory Forensics100
5 - Name Game 2 Memory Forensics150
4 - Name Game Memory Forensics100
7 - Hide And Seek Memory Forensics100
11 - Graphic's For The Weak Memory Forensics150
10 - Bit 4 Bit Memory Forensics100
Read Me Reverse Engineering450
1 - What the password? Memory Forensics100
Msg Me This Reverse Engineering500
Gotta Go Deeper Steganography300
Otter Silence Reverse Engineering300
Morty Talks Network300
Otter Leak Network200
Hopity Hop Reverse Engineering275
Dark side of the otter Steganography100
Space Walk Misc200
PDFuck! Misc300
Rick O Shower Misc250
OTR 7 - Wrong Calculation Forensics100
OTR 2 - Incorrect CRC Forensics150
OTR 3 - Up And Down Forensics200
Binobs Misc100
OTR 4 - Citadel Of Ricks Location Forensics300
Listen Carefully Reverse Engineering450
Call Me Rick Reverse Engineering450
Ascii Art Misc450
12 - Recovery Memory Forensics300