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7th place

4200 points


Challenge Category Value Time
Hopity Hop Reverse Engineering275
2 - General Info Memory Forensics75
3 - Play Time Memory Forensics50
4 - Name Game Memory Forensics100
OTR 1 - Find The Lutra Forensics100
1 - What the password? Memory Forensics100
6 - Silly Rick Memory Forensics100
Birdman's Data Network150
7 - Hide And Seek Memory Forensics100
10 - Bit 4 Bit Memory Forensics100
11 - Graphic's For The Weak Memory Forensics150
Call Me Rick Reverse Engineering450
ReCurse Misc150
Read Me Reverse Engineering450
Msg Me This Reverse Engineering500
Otter Silence Reverse Engineering300
12 - Recovery Memory Forensics300
PDFuck! Misc300
Listen Carefully Reverse Engineering450